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What is BTY?

Bityuan network is to design a system that can be easily self-renewed, so as to gradually surpass Bitcoin, which is not yet in place. The ultimate goal of Bityuan is to form an integrated development platform where all industries can store data and conduct transactions. It can pay, accept, store a variety of cryptocurrencies, support wallet recovery, mortgage payment, cross-chain coin transactions, PoS environmental mining, etc., and has a high degree of scalability.

What We Provide?

Tree Token CBS

We Provide Fastest, Easiest, and Most Reliable Platform For Carbon Contract Exchange.

Affiliate Program

Referral Program Lets You And Your Friends Earn Free BitYuan.

BitYuan as a payment

Future Payment Gateway

Environmental Fund

Save the earth.

300x GAPP

Green Decentralized Application.

Smart Contract ERC1155

Environmental Digital Assets via Data Technology.

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What Is Our Mission?

Forestbit establish a Digital Bitnation belonging to everyone, only accepted one million blockchain citizens, a digital parliament of 777 EXCO(s), 21 senators, 21 bureaus, building up a Green Technology Economy Development Zone (GTED) with Malaysian government. The Economic Development Zone will increase Malaysia's Green Entrepreneurial opportunities and employment opportunities, creating 300 green applications (GAPP) to digest large amount of Carbon contracts (CO2C) for indirect environmental protection and The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) to achieve the future and the peace of Mother Earth! 2020-2050 Founder Sir Nik Tree